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Deconstructing The Top Layers Of Lumber Liquidators' Conference Call

I am not surprised that Lumber Liquidators (NYSE:LL) has decided to offer free indoor air quality tests to its customers. Firstly, this is relatively inexpensive. Secondly, the results will almost assuredly come back as reading low or safe levels of formaldehyde; basically, one of the only statements that LL has actually gotten correct (other than Mr Sullivan saying that LL will be "in that factory tomorrow" if the claims on 60 Minutes were true; LL's QC guy is in that factory EVERY DAY!) is that once the laminate is installed inside the home the abrasion paper (protective top layer) and decorative paper/layer essentially trap any VOCs in the HDF that might off gas into the ambient environment. Lastly, even if the test fails LL has some plausible deniability as referenced in its pretty slideshow graphic, page 15, with all the household items that might kill us such as shampoo, air freshener (ironic, eh?), computers and laser printers, cabinets (equally ironic as Tom Sullivan owns Cabinets to Go, videNote 9 of the 10K), etc, etc. Read more