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Facebook is Using Mass Media Ads To Promote Itself

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is just getting started and has begun using traditional advertising such as billboards & television in a recent ad campaign. This seems rather unusual given the company’s primary mission of marketing over the internet.

Advocates Devil on Seeking Alpha has interesting view:

“150 m users in the USA arpu way above elsewhere Instagram 90 m. No monetization what’s so no real monetization. Occulus. Novelty. Messenger much competition. Ads down 30% how is it clicking on all cylinders? It’s monetization is diminishing oh I love that it can in bed videos so is it FB content? Do the imbedded sites get a portion of the ad does the owner of the video get a portion of the ad and does FB pay to imbed the video? It’s a great casino stock. The underlying issues are the question”