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The Battle Between Corrupt and Honest Money Goes On


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Written by Nathan McDonald



The tale of two markets is a story I’ve gone over time and time again. It is a story about lies and deception, truth and honesty.


The first market I speak of is the paper market in precious metals, which is highly manipulated, full of corruption and sadly, currently controls the price direction of precious metals.


The second market that I am referring to is the real, honest, physical markets, which is based on a tangible asset and represents true, honest money. This market will one day break free of its paper masters shackles and move upstairs to the big office, where it will be the one dictating the price directions of precious metals.



It is not hard to see these two markets in action if you following the precious metals markets even with mild interest. For those, like myself and many of you reading this, who follow on a much more consistent and in depth basis, then it is blatantly obvious.


For years now, the paper manipulators have kept an effective cap on precious metals, this includes both gold and silver, who have seen their true price kept under lock and key. This occurs despite the continued growth in demand for the physical product, a product that is increasingly harder and harder to find, and more and more scarce.


Common sense would tell you that this beach balloon, that is being kept under water must one day rush to the surface and smash through its artificially created ceiling. Common sense would be correct.


The straw that is going to break the camels back will be the physical market. Whether this is through an increase in demand due to a crisis, a failure to deliver by one of the major bullion exchanges or simply naturally, it is going to happen.


The manipulators will do everything that they can. They know that to keep the system running that they created based on fiat money, a system that has made them fabulously rich, then they need to do everything they can to keep real money out of the system.


Take heart though, for those who stand by and do the right thing, for those that stack and continue to add to their portfolio month after month, year after year. One day you will be rewarded for counting your hard earned saving not in fiat, but in ounces. One day precious metals will break free and when that happens, look out.



Click for Original Post - The Battle Between Corrupt and Honest Money Goes On

Written by Nathan McDonald