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Target Executives Outline The Retailer's Path To Future Growth

If you weren't paying attention on March 3rd, you probably missed some very volatile swings in shares of Target Corp (NYSE:TGT). In just a matter of minutes, shares of TGT fell as much as 4% to a low intraday trading price of $75.08 before rallying to a high intraday trading price of $78.14. To reiterate, this volatility occurred within in a matter of minutes as the company presented its road map for future earnings and sales growth to investors and analysts at the company's Financial Community Meeting. This article, as the 1st in a 2-part series, will aim to summarize the finer points of Target's presentation for investors from a fundamentals perspective.

It's no secret that Target's core clientele has come under pressure since the financial crisis of 2008. The suburban "boomer mom" and family with a median income around $65,000 annually has long since been the core Target customer. In recognition of this core customer demographic and its refined spending habits in recent years, I've been of the opinion that this represented an issue for Target's future growth potential. In a recent article I authored; I further emphasized this perspective with the following statement: Read more