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Zendesk: Low Risk Options Strategy Ahead Of Earnings

Zendesk is going to report its earnings after the closing bell today. Zendesk provides a cloud-based customer support platform which allows quicker and easier interaction between businesses and customers. This field is super-competitive: Salesforce, NetSuite that was acquired by Oracle a few days ago, and some other players. Zendesk's stock has doubled its price since February. The stock isn't that volatile after the earnings: after two previous earnings the stock grew up less than 3.5%. 

Zendesk has 10 outperform ratings, which means that analysts are bullish on their shares. The expect its revenue to go up around 5% on q-o-q basis and 50% on y-o-y:

Source: Financial Times

I suggest that the best strategy in this case would be shorting strangle, options chain for ZEN is the following:

We can short 25 call option and 35 put option. That's far enough from the current stock price of 29.3: 15% downside potential and 19% upside. Risks are quite limited in this case - you get the premiums and keep them, because the stock will unlikely go beyond (25 - premium) and (35 + premium) range. In case if you short those options, your P&L will have the following profile:

This strategy has a really limited risks and quite interesting return. It's not a significant return, but the balance risk-return is very high.