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Finding A Great Time To Invest: Right Now


Market have made new highs, and investors are confused.

Some think this signals a breakout, while others fear they have missed the rally.

There is excellent potential in this market, if you look in the right places.

Much of what you see will be misleading.

There are plenty of low-priced stocks that have lagged.

As markets make new highs, many traders and investors have been left behind. Some are now considering climbing aboard. Fair enough, markets making new highs usually move even higher. Some worry that they have missed a false rally. Mrs. OldProf is encouraging me to keep it brief for a change, so you can just read the statement below if you want. Those who want some reasoning should go through the rest. I have summarized the most important current issues.

This is a good time to invest, and an exceptional one if you choose your holdings...