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A Stock To Build A Retirement Portfolio With

KO is a perfect stock for DGI investors.

If you are looking to enhance the dividend yield, consider writing options. I wrote Puts to buy more KO shares at a discount, and covered calls to collect premiums and capital gains. I choose the strike, and expiry dates extremely carefully, they are typically not longer than a couple of weeks (max a month to expiry). Based on my experience the past 4 months when I first decided to retry writing options on KO, my effective yield has been fantastic, many times the dividend yield alone. KO is one of the stocks that let me SWAN. If my puts are executed, I am happy to own more of such a wonderful business at lower prices. If my covered calls are executed, I am happy to part this stock at capital gains, because the price volatility means I will always be able to buy it back at cheaper prices from my short term option writing. KO never moves up and never moves down in a perennially straight line, and is one of a handful of stocks where the combined dividend yield, option writing and capital gains are likely to return at least 15%-20% per annum to me, if not higher. If the stock market crash, one of the many options I have is to continue to write options to lower my average cost, and/or reduce my holdings to buy back more at lower prices.

A great company and a great stock!