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Big Changes for Mickey D's

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) is about to see some big changes according to Yahoo Finance. Steve Easterbrook, the fast food company’s CEO, is implementing some healthier ingredients into the traditional menu.

According to Yahoo Finance, McDonald’s chicken nuggets will now be made from chickens not treated with antibiotics and the milk served will not be from cows treated with artificial growth hormones.

Yahoo Finance commenter GENERAL said:

“McDonald's Executive management team are complete idiots. their key core business is and always has been hamburgers, french-fries and milkshakes. you cant get these items until after 11am because they only sell breakfast items. they are buffoons and deserve to go out of business for not selling burgers, fries and milkshakes all day long. look you can go to taco bell and get a taco when they open, you can go to carl jr's and get a burger when they open, Einstein's and get any bagel with meat all day long. good by MCD your days are #'d”