Forecast came true

3 february 2015

Deal with it folks. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

You've got to see it to believe it. Some slob down in Florida gets lucky and wins a three million dollar payday in the regional lottery, and people simply cannot deal with the situation. The winner is somehow put on the defensive as if he should give away his ticket to a non-convict stranger, the ABC article as well as the state lottery commission are prefacing in their reports and press releases with the furor pre-empting fact that there are no formal laws prohibiting sex offenders (or other convicts) from buying or winning lottery tickets.

Uh-DUH!! Of course there aren't. Timothy Poole, 43, is still a living breathing human being. He gets to participate in life now that he's out of jail. He served the time that was handed to him for his crime, got out, and has been working a tough, miserable job driving a cab around to support his private little universe. There's no law that says, formally and officially, Nothing Good May Now No Longer Happen To You, Ever, wretched sir.

Life goes on--and the dude simply got lucky. He bought the $20 lottery ticket at that 7/11 with the same desperate hope and dream that he might beat those multimillion to one odds and finally get lucky and fate will hand him a plum. The folks who are complaining or thinking that there is something inherently, procedurally wrong with this whole scenario are simply J. E. A. L. O. U. S.

Sure, anybody can sort of understand the moral sentiment in some folks that causes them to think that the money could be better routed, to a “more morally deserving” winner (whatever that means). But there are also some “highly moral” folks--and my life experience has taught me that these are the ones you really have to look out for, as they are the ones, like Bill Cosby, who've got the really huge closet full of skeletons lurking in the background--who love to preach and leap onto the foibles of others.

Let the guy have his lousy post-tax one and a half million dollars and live in peace. If it upsets you that much, try not to think about it.

There's nothing you or I or anybody else can do about it anyway.

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