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New York Times Company: Q4 2014 Earnings Review And The Way Forward

Global media organization, the New York Times Company (NYSE: [[NYT]]) recently reported its earnings for the final quarter of fiscal year 2014. The company reported a modest performance during the quarter. Top lines remained relatively flat as compared to the year ago quarter but bottom lines showed year on year decline. Profits were driven down mainly due to investments in digital journalism as well as the cost of the severance packages which had to be paid as a result of the downsizing that the company had to do. The company's bottom lines have been suffering for the better part of the last 4 years. The rising popularity of digital media has led to New York Times tapping into the potential that lies in the digital spectrum of media. Their investments are yet to reap the desired rewards. The company's share prices have fallen almost 18% over the course of fiscal… Read More …