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China And Russia Developing Anti-Stealth Drones

While the United States and its allies continue to spend huge amounts of money on stealth aircraft, China and Russia are developing anti-stealth tech.

The U.S. F-35 stealth aircraft is billions of dollars over budget and far behind schedule, receiving huge amounts of criticism for both its cost and its poor performance. Now it appears that when it finally makes it into operational service, it may be rendered obsolete by Chinese and Russian anti-stealth drones.

Russia And China working on anti-stealth drones

According to Zarchary Keck writing in The National Interest, China and Russia are working on unmanned aerial vehicles specifically designed to detect and possibly eliminate stealth vehicles.

China's version is known as the Divine Eagle, and experts believe that it is adapted to counter enemy stealth aircraft far from Chinese territory. According to Popular Science, the drone has "long range anti-stealth capabilities can be used against both aircraft, like the B-2 bomber, and warships such as the DDG-1000 destroyer ... the Chinese air force could quickly intercept stealthy enemy aircraft, missiles and ships well before they come in range of the Mainland."

The drone employs multiple radar systems such as X/UHF low band. Such systems are useful for tracking stealth aircraft, which are designed to evade high band radar, over long distances. The Divine Eagle would thus negate one of the key advantages of stealth aircraft technology.

China is reportedly working on reducing the Divine Eagle's...