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PDC Energy's (PDCE) CEO Presents at Wells Fargo Securities Energy Symposium Conference (Transcript)

David Tameron - Wells Fargo Securities

Let me begin. I’m Dave Tameron will Wells. Thanks for joining us. We are looking at PDC, neighbors in Denver. Building over from us and PDC, I will take my claim to [indiscernible] I know the Company well for that. I’m the first person to cover, so I’ve covered it longer than anybody in the street just by definition.

So if anybody looked at any charts of energy over the last year, you will see PDC is in the top. I guess with the top decile probably for performance. And I think it speaks to the quality of asset that they developed in Niobrara. Some noise around the Niobrara. But when you -- if you’re looking at the DJ Basin and you look at PDC, just take a look at acreage of assets to where their acreage is located relative to some of the other players. I’m going to [indiscernible] around there, but Bart Brookman President, what’s your official title, President and CEO.

Barton R. Brookman - President & CEO

President and CEO.

David Tameron - Wells Fargo Securities

And then we have Mike Edwards, here in the front row. And Mike has been around the energy business for long time as well. So with that, I think Bart is going to have a few opening comments and then we will move to some Q&A.

Barton R. Brookman -...