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Winter/Christmas Outfit Ideas

Heyya!! How's your day, and winter break and winter Christmas. I hope you have a jolly Christmas :). My name is Oumou, and this is going to be my fashion blog. My family is from Africa and I love fashion. I love expression and art. Anyways fall is long gone and winter is here. Christmas is in two days the spirit and hype is amazing. With all the busyness we might forget about our fashion attire. In winter and Christmas, you need fun spirited, stylish comfy and warm clothes. Let's not forget our trendz, fashion boots, leather and fur jackets, and big fluffy hats, just because we're busy shopping for our grandparents and in laws don't mean we have to forget ourselves, here are two fashion ideas i made for Christmas and winter in general, to keep ourselves in check in all the hype and spirit of Christmas, (btw keep ur hair down in winter to keep yourself warm).