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Earnings stocks for LEAPS or Calendar Spreads

LEAPS or Calendar Spreads

After today's selloff, search for stocks with earnings growth of 15% or more YOY and that sold off post earnings. 

DISCA calendar spread sold for credit; while Aug 27.50P volume at least 3200x through day (poi 9380) 

BUY +1 DIAGONAL DISCA 100 15 SEP 17/18 AUG 17 25/27.5 PUT @-2.17 LMT

Trade is profitable anywhere above $23 at expiration, but requires quite a bit of margin. 

A straight call calendar spread would also work here selling Aug 25C @.30 or better or Sept 25C @.50 or better and buying Oct 25C @.70 or less or Jan 25C at 1.20 or better.