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Don't Let Your Creditors Harass You.

With the option to use "Automatic Stay" in bankruptcy. This is a rule that keeps all your creditors from making attempts to contact you about your claims, in the midst of a bankruptcy case. The stay is determined by your bankruptcy history over the past year. If a you have filed for bankruptcy within the past year, a stay may possibly not be granted to you. 

Here are some examples on how a creditor can violate the stay. Continuing to strain for a lawsuit of filing a new one, phone calls and letters, making finance statements for security interest, not releasing your academic transcripts, or suspending your driver's license. 

Now these are the only exceptions for automatic stay protection. Claims to collect alimony or child support, repaying loans from pensions without IRS audits being stopped, criminal prosecution, and paternity proceedings. If a landlord already has a judgement of possession, he/she is free to evict tenants with residential real estate leases. If you have used any type of illegal substances in your apartment or left the apartment in a hazardous state your landlord can still evict you after you filed for bankruptcy. Also, automatic stays don't help with stopping the process of suspended driver's licences and expunged professional licences. Mostly with ones that are prosecuted by government sectors.