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Gilead: Long-Term Investors Should Buy Any Dip

Biotech juggernaut and Blue Chip Gem Gilead Sciences (GILD) reported results after the bell on Tuesday. The company easily beat on both top and bottom line expectations. The stock sold off in after-hours however due to conservative forward revenue guidance in 2015.

In addition, a statement during the conference call also caused sentiment to turn temporarily negative. The comment "We expect our 2015 growth to net adjustments for our HCV products in the United States to be approximately 46% or a little more than double of that where we ended 2014 which was around 22%" showed that discounting in the hepatitis C space will increase in 2015 due to new competition in the HCV space as well as roll outs to more restrictive countries (Ex, France) and more public payers (Ex, Veterans Administration).

Even so, it was a wonderful quarter and year for Gilead. Investors who gleaned through the earnings… Read More …