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The Trillion Dollar “Sport” That Will Soon Be Worth More than the NFL

It’s hard to imagine a sport taking over the NFL. American football is dominant no matter how you look at it. Revenue, advertising, fan passion, really anything you can think of. The Green Bay Packers are so popular that they are building a freaking monument to themselves, right next door to their stadium. You might be thinking, “Isn’t the stadium itself already the perfect monument to a sports team?” And you’d be right. But the Packers care not what you think. They believe there is money to be made by building a 34 acre, 65 million dollar expansion, right next to the stadium, that is basically a Packers theme park.

You can do everything there but dig up Vince Lombardi’s skeleton to take a picture with it, and that is probably in the works. You know you’re a profitable sport when the financials make sense on a project as ambitious as the optimistically named “Title Town."

But, as popular as it is, football could be playing second fiddle to another sport: eGaming. That’s right. Online multiplayer games are the true challenge to Football’s supremacy. 

Kids these days aren’t outside playing. They are parking their chubby little bodies in front of the computer and blasting each other with space missiles. They don’t give a crap about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. They want to see the Terran and the alien Zerg duke it out in the cosmos in a battle to the death. And investors are starting to realize that these games carry some serious financial weight.

Those who grew up with advanced computer games are starting to earn money, and they are spending it on eGaming events. Not only are these people attending live events in droves (a DOTA gaming championship last year sold out a 17,000 person stadium and was watched live by more people than the World Series that year) but they are betting on them as well. An expected 23 billion will be wagered on live video game events by 2020. 

That pales in comparison to the NFL, but the eGaming world is still in its nascent stages. It’s the equivalent to when the NFL was using leather helmets, every play was a running play, and they really didn’t want to let black players in the league. It would have been tough to predict back then that football would one day be the dominant sport in America. But, the potential was there if you looked hard enough. it was exciting, fast paced, hard hitting action unlike any other sport. The same is true of eSports. Plus way more lasers and exploding star ships. 

Other easy comparisons are to the beginnings of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Apple (NYSE: AAPL). Two companies that were popular amongst the young, tech savvy crowd that overtook the giants of the industry by producing products that young people craved. 

eSports are already immensely profitable and popular, and the young kids of today don't even have much spending power. I predict that as the obesity epidemic continues to boom, kids will want to play less and less, and we will produce a generation of people that are solely interested in spending their money on eSports. Who wants to watch a bunch of genetic freaks throw around a piece of leather when you can watch hordes of realistic space creatures use state of the art weapons to blast each other into oblivion in high definition? eSports are the way of the future and appear to be a safe bet to surpass football.