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SunEdison - Now with $739 Million in Extra Recourse Debt?

A SunEdison Energy India Pvt Ltd. employee assists a farmer with the implementation of the company's Solar Water Pump on a farm in Rajasthan, India.

Shares of SunEdison, purveyors of solar power and two yieldcos, look like this.

Source: Bloomberg

Over the past two months investors have begun scrutinizing SunEdison and its associated yieldcos, with some voicing concerns over the sustainability of the companies' respective financing arrangements. Those worries are emblematic of a wider problem for firms that have relied on eager capital markets to help finance their stunning growth in recent years.

As the tidal wave of yield-hungry bond investors and lenders washes away, capital-intensive companies from M&A-addicted pharma giants to shale gas explorers to solar power specialists, find themselves facing tougher questions about their financing.

Worries about SunEdison exploded into the limelight last month, after...