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McDonald's Still Not Out of the Woods

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) tried and failed.

The fast food giant’s sirloin burger, which came out in May, is being pulled from menus due to poor performance, despite the fact that it was a limited time item.

According to Business Insider, the sirloin burger was made up of an extra large, 100% sirloin burger, grilled mushrooms, peppercorn sauce and white cheddar cheese. Recently, the house of Happy Meals has been offering more premium-style foods in an attempt to boost sales after seven consistent disappointing quarters.

"This sandwich represents action steps the [McDonald's] US has taken to enhance food quality perceptions," McDonald’s representative Lisa McComb said, according to Business Insider. "76% of customers who tried the Sirloin Burger enjoyed the taste and said their opinion and perception of McDonald’s beef improved."

Some other premium offerings from McDonald’s included the recently back Chicken Selects, made from 100% tenderloin and, most recently, touch screen kiosks allowing customers to customize their order.

The kiosks are only available in select locations and offer a variety of add-ons, leaving the customer with seemingly endless options to complete their customized burger order.

However, the changes at McDonald’s have not come without criticism. Some have argued that the fast food behemoth is pushing away their current customer base, while trying to attract a customer base more interested in premium offerings, rather than the good ol’ McDonald’s fare.

However, I think it’s going to take a lot more than fancy toppings to bring McDonald’s back to where it once was.

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