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Media Watch: Greek Flamewars

Amazing exchanges on this subject in Yahoo. This first comment absolutely floored me:

Mary 17 minutes ago

Greece is sort of like a family who wanted to buy a house beyond their means, lied to the mortgage company about the state of their finances and got in a financial hole. When the great recession came along, they couldn't keep up the charade anymore. The mortgage company, trying to help, took a haircut, and renegotiated their loan. Five years on, the family finances are still dire and so they took a vote and decided they didn't want to pay back the loan, but they still want to keep the house. They seem naive - almost adolescent like. Their only hope is to leave the common currency, go back to a devalued drachma and try to get their economy started again.

and this:

Commenter 2 hours ago 0 6

The core fundamental changes are not in place to ever make Greece a functioning country. An ideologically far left socialist government tied to capitalist orientated central banks, a match made in hell. When countries commit economic suicide they need to be left to go on their way down their path of self-destruction. It's sort of like Greece is a heroin addict asking his friends for more money. At what point does one realize that helping them is not in fact actually helping them?

this one here is a true howler:

Matt 5 hours ago 1 24

So now the Germans gave Greece another 10 days to decide if they want to stay in the Euro. This reminds me of the old Henny Youngman bit: "A guy walks into his doctor's office; the doc says you've only got six months to live. The guy says but I can't pay. So the doc gave him another 6 months." This is farcical at best.

The German’s are trying to give their buddies as much time as possible to unwind performance contracts and position themselves as best they can, before the whole damn thing implodes. You don’t loan somebody 500K when they have a 25k/year job, its stupid business and just plain reckless. The EU and all the dimwits managing it, deserve everything coming to them. Morons.