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Entrepreneurship And The Power of Shut Up!

Sitting with my lovely wife recently in a hospital waiting room (don't ask) flicking through magazines she showed me a picture of an elderly woman, a famous celebrity. Now, let me say that I care for celebrities and follow their movements in the same way I care for and follow the mating habits of the long-beaked echidna – not at all. Gratefully, my wife is the same. What was interesting about this celebrity was how young she looked.

Medical advancements have already done wonders, and if even a tenth of the types of medical technologies we've seen young companies working on come to fruition, we're in for an amazing future.

With respect to this particular celebrity my wife showed me, I'll give a little credit to Photoshop but certainly, after the inevitable ravaging of breasts (babies and gravity do that), there had definitely been some re-upholstery work done, probably some vacuuming of bits here and there, and a smattering of collagen injections. These are the visible cosmetics, all products developed by amazing entrepreneurs.

What photos of old woman with bouncy breasts and puffy lips don't show are the non-cosmetic medical advancements. Bio-engineered blood vessels, medical molecules, 3D printed organs and face replacement technology to name a few.

These amazing technologies are of course a godsend to us all including middle aged women of the world who aspire to age like Joan Collins. Faced with the realisation they're plummeting uncontrollably towards a gravity assisted osteoporotic, glaucoma-ravaged death, they have so many ways of...