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How to earn even more: tips for traders

A successful trader should constantly keep track of the latest events and trends in the world of finance. Various news channels and online resources could come in quite handy here. However, tips from peer traders are more reliable. This is why I always read trader blogs and comments and feel free to share my opinion and observations. It has also turned out to be very profitableJ

Whotrades.com has launched an exciting contest for traders with a USD 1,000 prize for winners. To enter it, all you have to do is:

-sign up on whotrades.com

- place your post/posts to participate in one of the categories, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis or BlogStar (articles on investing devoted to general issues).

Afterwards, look for likes and comments from peer traders that could help you win. Incidentally, the prize pool for the first two categories will be distributed as follows:

- First prize – a USD 750$ credit to a brokerage account held with Who Trades Ltd;

- Second prize – a USD 350 credit to a brokerage account held with WhoTrades Ltd;

- Third prize – a USD 150 credit to a brokerage account held with WhoTrades Ltd.

Note that the MAIN prize of USD 1,000 will be awarded to the contestant who is picked by the jury as the winner in the BlogStar category. Detailed regulations for the contest can be viewed here.

Being an active contestant, I hope to become a winner soon. Meanwhile, I can read posts by other participants as there are many relevant topics. The contest will run through January 20, so act now and give yourself a New Year present! Sign up and participate. And may the best trader win!