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This Is What Wall Street Eats for Lunch

From Goldman Sachs to the NYSE, here's an inside look at in-house dining facilities.

  1. Goldman Sachs

    Many of Wall Street's biggest banks have revamped their dining facilities in recent years, adding copious amounts of salad and partnering with local businesses to provide a smorgasbord of organic offerings. Goldman's office complex on the edge of the Hudson River is no exception, opened in 2009, it boasts three Danny Meyer restaurants plus an in-house cafeteria.

  2. Goldman Sachs

    The firm makes it easier for employees to be healthy with color-coded tongs. Green means take as much as you want, yellow means be a bit more careful, and red means take sparingly. Goldman also takes part in a Workplace Community-Supported Agriculture program in which employees can purchase produce from a local farm. Some of the food in the cafeteria also comes from local farmers.

  3. Goldman Sachs

    Goldman employees can opt for a not-so-healthy option with an assortment of pizza. Other popular stations included sushi, paninis, Just Salad, grilled options, and a hot buffet with rotating themes. The bank also teams with local restaurants, chefs, and small businesses to bring in new food.

  4. Goldman Sachs

    Fruit is one of the first things you see when entering the dining hall. It's open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time and offers a variety of options for breakfast...