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These Are Apparently the Easiest Gold Medals to Win at the Olympics

Winning gold at the Olympics, let alone taking part in the games is without a doubt one of the most prestigious honors any athlete could have bestowed upon him or her. There are approximately 1,000 medals up for grabs in Rio (and plenty of bonuses), but with more than 11,000 athletes taking part in the competition chances of bringing home gold, silver or bronze are pretty slim. Fox Sports came up with a list of the easiest (and hardest) Olympic gold medals to win if “you started training today.” The likes of archery/shooting, sailing and rhythmic gymnastics were ranked as the easiest events to win a gold medal, while golf, track and swimming were rated as the most difficult sports to medal in. Check out the rankings below (from easiest to hardest) and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Archery/Shooting
2. Sailing
3. Rhythmic Gymnastics
4. Modern Pentathlon
5. Synchronized Swimming
6. Fencing
7. Field Hockey
8. Soccer
9. Diving
10. Trampoline
11. Rugby Sevens
12. Canoe/Kayaking
13. Handball
14. Badminton
15. Table Tennis
16. Rowing
17. Cycling
18. Track (Field Events)
19. Water Polo
20. Basketball
21. Volleyball
22. Judo
23. Taekwondo
24. Boxing
25. Triathlon
26. Beach Volleyball
27. Equestrian
28. Wrestling
29. Gymnastics
30. Weightlifting
31. Tennis
32. Swimming
33. Track (Racing)
34. Golf