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Farewell RadioShack - Sorry Shareholders

At the turn of the century, shares RadioShack (RSH) (RSHC) appeared to be soaring ever higher on newfound consumer demand for pagers, ZipZaps, and personal computers. It was then that the company aimed to have a RadioShack on every corner, making it one of the fast growing domestic retail chains at the time. However, as the years progressed, many of RadioShack's products quickly went out of style. Unable to adapt to changing consumer demands, the stock price fell as quickly as it had risen. Further contributing to RadioShack's problems was new-found competition from ecommerce companies like as Amazon (AMZN), which severely squeezed margins and reduced in-store traffic, resulting in a bleeding company without a band-aid.

While this spiral of death has not been news to anyone for some time now, there have been multiple opportunities for day-traders to profit from the stock as it has fallen. The most recent spikes… Read More …