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How Google’s Innovation Formula Can Fuel Your Growth

How Google's Innovation Formula Can Fuel Your Growth

by Dan Richards

In today’s results-driven world, many CEOs focus on hitting short-term profit targets. But not Eric Schmidt. In the book How Google Works, the tech-industry veteran who was Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s CEO from 2001 to 2011, outlined the model that allowed the company to meet ambitious goals while simultaneously positioning itself for success down the road.

With a market cap of over $400 million, ranking among the top five companies globally, Google is a remarkable story. At the core of its success is a simple planning model that advisors can adopt to make 2016 a pivotal year in fueling your future growth.

Here’s how Schmidt described the model that Google began using in 2002:

We examined our top-100 list (of development projects) and put the projects into three different buckets. About 70% of the projects were related to the core...