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Glu Mobile Insider Sales Should Be Ringing Alarms For Investors

Glu Mobile (GLUU) just reported a blowout Q4 that saw it post record GAAP revenues, non-GAAP revenue growth of 78%, record quarterly cash flow from operations, and a non-GAAP revenue guidance raise. On all accounts GLUU appears to be on the up and up and with the signing of a marquee deal with Katy Perry everything looks to be in-line for GLUU to replicate past success with Kim Kardashian.

So, with all this in mind why is the Vice President and person in charge of Finance and IR at GLUU dumping shares?

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Disclosed in a Form 4 that appeared on on 02/06/2015 Gregory Cannon Code M'd (exercise of conversion of derivative security) 65,000 shares at $1.19 and immediately sold these shares at $5. For the brief moment that Mr. Cannon held the exercised option shares he had 127,709 shares - still a fairly paltry exposure for… Read More …