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Visualizing The Worst US/NATO Collateral Damage Disasters In History

Early last month, the US did something tragically stupid. The Green Berets, operating in Kunduz in an attempt to beat back Taliban insurgents who have racked up a series of gains prompting Obama to cancel a planned troop drawdown, called in an AC-130 gunship strike and laid waste to a hospital. 

Why they did that is the subject of some debate but Doctors Without Borders claims the US and its spec ops knew it was a hospital and while Washington doesn’t necessary dispute that contention, the military claims the Taliban were using the facility as an operating base and firing on the soldiers. Whatever the case, dozens were killed and then just weeks later, the Saudis hit an MSF facility in Yemen. 

With that in mind we present the following infographic which details the worst instances of “collateral damage” from US/NATO military operations throughout history.