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Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica visits Denver, Colorado to learn how to marijuana: “I’m learning some new stuff, so it’s good education. It’s a lot to learn and understand and see how that can apply at home or why we shouldn’t apply certain things”

DENVER – You might think marijuana has been legal in Jamaica for many years. It’s certainly known for it. But Jamaica just legalized pot this January, which is why the mayor of Kingston is visiting Denver to learn Colorado’s best practices and how Jamaica can learn from us.

Mayor Angela Brown Burke started her day on Friday by meeting with state and city officials. She learned about how the marijuana industry is tightly regulated and some of the challenges Denver faced when implementing it for recreational use.

“What we’re doing now in terms of decriminalization is anyone who was convicted before, for 2 ounces or less, it will be taken off of their record. Two ounces or less is now punishable by a ticket,” Burke said." target="_blank">Read More