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Your Washing Machine May Be Stealing Your Computer Files

The world has become a strange place. Not only can 3-D printers have the ability to print human skin, but now both guns and cars can be hacked into. Now something even stranger than those example is hackers can use printers and washing machines and other appliances to hack into your computer.

According to CNN, these appliances can broadcast an inaudible and invisible signal for miles. All hackers have to do is infect a printer or washing machine and switching the chips energy output back and forth, so the appliance will emit an electromagnetic radiation. For there they crack up the energy which creates radio waves which can then be translated into computer codes 0s and 1s. 

"You have network detection, firewalls... but this transmits data in a way that none of those things are monitoring. This fundamentally challenges how certain we can be of our network security." Ang Cui said.

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