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Preview on Apple MacBook Pro Refresh

Apple needs to get back to basics. The Macbook Pro is esthetically the same as it was 5 -6 years ago. The only major changes are haptic feedback and retina display. The only constant – its high base price.

A quarter-over-quarter drop in sales is hardly surprising, but leading the decline is bad news. 

At Apple’s WDDC next month, look for the following updates to the Macbook Pro:

  • Intel Skylake processor (INTC)
  • Better graphics card to support VR/AR
  • Make base model SSD-only. Seriously cheap update: a 120GB SSD is $40. A 240GB is $70.
  • Touch-ID
  • USB lightning. USB-C is better but then it would boost compatibility with PCs
  • EOL the Macbook Pro 2015. CAD $3000 for aesthetics over functionality does not jive for the consumer
  • Better front-end camera
  • Make parts upgradable: memory and storage