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2 Energy Stocks Poised to Rebound With the Price of Oil

With oil prices appearing to have bottomed, investors should start looking at which energy companies can emerge from the punishing drop in crude prices and regain their footing.

In an industry that has been pummeled, it is expected that one out of every three companies may go bankrupt. The ones that will survive are those that have enough cash on hand to help them make it through the months until the positive effects of higher oil prices have a chance to have a full impact. Also important is a low level of debt so that the cash can be put to work rebuilding infrastructure.

Here are two of the stronger stocks that fit this criteria:

The first one is Schlumberger (SLB - Get Report) , which is the largest oil and gas services provider with a market cap of $93 billion. Improved technologies and belt tightening across all departments has helped Schlumberger maintain margins despite...