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Here Is Why Target Is the Perfect Dividend Stock to Own Right Now

The historical average price-earnings ratio for the S&P 500 is 15.6, but it is now at 25.1.

Similarly, the historical average 10-Year Treasury Bond yield rate is 4.6%, but it is at 1.5% now.

The market is historically overvalued due to ultra-low interest rates, not the animal spirits of overestimating future market growth. The market is actually slightly undervalued factoring in ultra-low rates.

This leads to an interesting situation. If rates remain low, this is the new normal of valuation levels, but if rates rise, then the market will very likely see a correction and possibly a significant and prolonged downturn.

This means that investors need to find stocks that can flourish in two different types of markets: a slow-growth, high-valuation market and a recessionary market with rising rates.

The preferable investment for this situation will...