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The Updated Energous Time-To-Carrot Model


Another two quarters have gone by.

This is a good time to update my Time-To-Carrot Energous model.

This article presents the conclusions drawn from the new data, which continue to support my opinion of Energous' nature.

In the past, I've exhibited significant skepticism towards Energous (NASDAQ:WATT) being a credible company. In the context of that skepticism, I created a model, called my "Time-To-Carrot" Model, which seeks to show the true nature of Energous' promises.

This model postulates that as we go forward in time, so will the delivery date for Energous' promises. Specifically, the delivery to the market of transmitters and receivers able to transmit usable amounts of power (as in "able to power a smartphone") at a distance of 15 feet. This model was first published in my article titled, "Energous: A Time-To-Carrot Analysis".

This article seeks to update on that model, since 2 quarters have passed from when it was first published. As always, my methodology will involve going through the Energous earnings call transcripts and extracting the promised delivery dates.

The Model, Summarized

The model as a whole can be described by the following, enhanced, technical schemata:


  • (A) - Represents the Investor.
  • O - Represents the objective (delivery of the full size WattsUp transmitter) as it moves in time.
  • T - Represents the investor as it moves in time.
  • X = (O - T) - Represents the distance of the investor to the objective, in time (months).
  • Y - Represents a point in time, in the future, where the inevitable happens.

The model predicts that due to the nature of the...