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So You Missed Out On Receptos... Who's Next?


Celgene's acquisition of Receptos sent both stocks soaring, as investors saw this as a win-win.

Given Gilead's price-to-earnings multiple and free cash flow, the company could make an acquisition while maintaining its share buyback and dividend.

An acquisition would limit Gilead's reliance on its HCV drugs, which account for roughly 61% of the company's total revenues.

Three possible takeout candidates that have similar characteristics as Receptos before Celgene's purchase.

I watch Mad Money every once and awhile, and Monday I decided to tune in for the opening segment. I watched attentitevly through Cramer's overview of the upcoming earnings, and then he fielded questions.

After hearing a mention of Anthera Pharmaceuticals, I perked up. Sure enough, Dave in Illinois (if you're reading this, please message me or comment) asked Cramer about the takeover speculation in the...