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Amazon: Fundamentals And DCF Valuation

Company Profile, Inc. (NASDAQ: [[AMZN]]) is an American company that, in recent years, has become a household name: founded just nineteen years ago, the company is nevertheless the United States' largest Internet-based retailer, selling everything from books, CDs, and MP3 downloads to food, toys, and furniture. Bringing in a sizeable $88.98B in revenue in 2014, Amazon isn't just a grand operation - it's also a geographically and commercially diverse one, with the company's websites spanning across fourteen countries (including the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, China, and India), and its own products ranging from its famous online shopping, hosting, and content distribution interface to consumer electronics (e.g., the relatively well-known Kindle).

Recent News: Stock Skyrockets When Profits Beat Expectations

As is customary, late January and early February mean press releases churning out Q4 2014 results. And those, of course, often mean shifts in investors' and analysts'… Read More …