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Ten stocks for the next 25 years

As we close the book on the silver anniversary of CNBC, the company's digital arm is looking ahead to the next 25 years and the trends, challenges and innovations that will define that era.

The following are companies best positioned to capitalize on these waves. Some may look familiar, while others will be a total surprise. However, they all have one or more of the following characteristics: a deep moat, an energetic leader, steady and growing cash flows, and multiple revenue streams. No need to look up their quotes everyday, just stash these away and open in 2039.

1. Facebook (FB)—The crowd long-term favorite, Mark Zuckerberg's social network has all the attributes listed above. No other company will dominate the way we communicate in the future, as well as entertain and inform ourselves. Twenty-five years from now its 2014 acquisition of Oculus Rift, a 3-D virtual reality headset maker, will look prescient or just downright crazy. Mike Murphy of "Fast Money" thinks it will be our first ever trillion-dollar company.

2. Alibaba (BABA)—With a market value north of $250 billion, the Chinese online retail giant does not have the law of large numbers on its side. But don't tell that to its...