Forecast came true

CMG will NOT get back to $400 this year
6 december 2016

Chipotle's stock is struggling today - it looks like their CEO confirmed that the company has difficulties with customer experience. According to Bloomberg he said:

"...deteriorating customer service may bring a new hurdle to its comeback efforts"

Do you remember when the stock was about $750 a little bit more than one year ago before the E-Coli thing happened? The problem is that even without this E-Coli Chipotle was an overvalued company just because customers loved them so much. I still think that E-Coli just accelerated the stock's drop. 

However when it reached $400 I thought that this is enough - yes, the company's financials look really bad, however their loyalty program was a good move to bring customers back. This customer experience just turned around - from 'breathtaking' love to absolute hate. Less people go to Chipotle, CEO confirms the company's problems, that's why I think that CMG won't get back to $400 this year. 

Vote AGREE if you agree with me and DISAGREE if you think CMG will come back and surpass $400 level in December.

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CMG will NOT get back to $400 this year

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Forecast came true

CMG didn't reach $400 in 2016, but it looks like they're going to surpass this level in January'2017.