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Tesla Has Hired At Least 150 Former Apple Employees

In attempt to gain the upper-hand in both tech and automotive fields, Tesla’s hiring efforts have come at the hands of industry-leading tech giant Apple. Already ahead of the industry in many ways, Tesla looks to further extend the lead by hiring 150 employees from the Silicon Valley company. As CEO Elon Musk believes Apple is “… relatively closely aligned” with Tesla’s design philosophy, the transition between the two companies should not be a problem for the talented recruits. Looking at Tesla’s Model S, Apple’s design influences are evident especially. As software becomes a dominant part of a car’s DNA in the very near future, the fight for talent will certainly intensify as traditional automakers play catch-up. However, while many have left Apple for Tesla, there appear to be efforts on the flipside with Apple providing $250,000 signing bonuses and $60% wage increases to leave Tesla for Cupertino. For a more comprehensive report, visit Bloomberg.