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A Stealth Bull Market Developing In Gold

By Brad at

There is a bull market developing in gold (GLD) and few are aware of it. Given the seemingly endless urge to "stimulate" economies by central banks through quantitative easing (money printing), such as the ECB, BOE, & BOJ, it isn't difficult to imagine that gold's rally in multi-currency terms is still in its infancy.

Ask any investment professional "what is the price of gold" and they should be able to tell you what it is within $100 of its last trade. However, ask them what it is in their home currency terms and few if any would be able to give you a reasonable approximation! This is odd because if anyone in Australia wants to buy or sell gold then it will be exchanged in AUDs or euros if anyone lives within the eurozone.

It is said that a true bull market creeps up on peopleRead More …