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How To Become The Luckiest Person Alive

Overnight success stories are NOT what they seem. What you see is the end result of months if not years of hard work coming to fruition. And they all came from taking the proper action, step by step.

Oh, but they just got lucky! They were in the right place at the right time. But so were countless others. The harder you work, the luckier you start to become. Some of the best life changing opportunities in life are often random. Randomness, by definition, is unbiased and can happen to any one of us. So why haven’t we been struck by the lightning bolt of opportunity yet?

Here’s how you can. You can control how “lucky” you are in life by positioning yourself to catch these random opportunities. For example, if opportunity was like a lightning bolt and we want to get struck by it, there are several things we can do.

Person 1: First we have to make sure there is rain. Person 1 living in the desert should probably move to somewhere with rain. Person 1 says: Oh, if only there was rain here, then maybe I could get struck by the lightning bolt. Person 2 is so lucky!

Person 2 lives in Seattle, the rainy city. He stays indoor all day. He should probably move outdoors and stand under a tree. He thinks “Oh, Person 3 is so lucky!

Person 3 lives in seattle and is outdoor standing under a tree in a forest. There are thousands other trees around him. The lightning bolt always end up striking a different tree. He thinks “I wish I was as lucky as Person 4!”

Person 4 lives in Seattle, stands under a tree in an open field and flies a kite with a metal key attached to it to conduct electricity. He does this every time there is rain. Person 4 gets struck by lightning every single time there is rain. Is he the luckiest person alive or is he simply going above and beyond to catch opportunities other miss?

Getting lucky is hard work!

And sometimes the timing is just not right and you are not yet able to change. What should you do?

IF you are a dishwasher, for example, you make sure those dishes are the cleanest. Watch how this dishwasher does his job:


Not only is he creating more value for his employer, he probably feels more fulfilled at his job. It is a Win/Win situation. Chances are good that he will end up “luckier” than his peers” and can eventually stop washing dishes for somebody else. Steve Martin said it best … “Be so good, they CAN’T ignore you.”






L.U.C.K. With the proper steps taken, you too can start to become lucky. When others start whispering and pointing at you saying “that person’s so lucky”, that’s probably a sign that you are doing something right.