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Sorry Kids, No More Meals and Toys at Taco Bell

Beginning this month, Taco bell which part of the Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE:YUM) will
discontinue offering kids’ meals and toys for its U.S. Restaurants. The company
expects the phase-out to be fully implemented by January of 2014. According to
executives, putting resources in kids’ meals and toys is no longer in the strategic
interest of the company because the meals only account for less than half of 1%
of Taco Bell’s sales.  In addition, every advertisement that you see from Taco Bell lately is geared towards young adults with an appetite for late night graves; the Harold and Kumar lane.

The move is bold, but whether it’s the new normal in the fast food industry is open to question. Cheer up kids; you can still have it your way!