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Moscow Train Derailment Kills 12, Injures 100 During Rush Hour

At least 12 people were killed and up to 120 injured when a subway train went off the rails between two stations during the morning rush hour in Moscow on Tuesday, authorities said. About 200 people were evacuated by rescue workers, an emergency official told Rossiya-24 television. Twenty were earlier reported trapped in one of the damaged rail cars. "It braked very hard. The lights went off and there was lots of smoke," a male survivor told Rossiya-24 television. "We were trapped and only got out by some miracle. I thought it was the end. Many people were hurt, mostly in the first rail car because the cars ran into each other."

Injured passengers were carried on stretchers, bloodied and bandaged, out of subway stations and helicopters ferried the most seriously hurt to hospital. Passengers looked stunned or were crying after being helped to the surface by emergency services. Investigators said a power surge caused the train to stall and several cars to come off the rails between the Slaviansky Boulevard and Park Pobedy stations.

Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/