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Great Graphic: Emerging Market Reserves vs. External Financing

This is an interesting graphic, especially for those following the emerging market space (or live in one) as it delves into a bit of detail regarding the troubles facing some of the vulnerable emerging market economies - mainly Brazil, Turkey, India, Indonesia and South Africa.

These countries have been under the microscope in 2013 as their stock markets and currencies fell in the wake of the Fed hinting at taper around May 2013. The problem is that those 5, referred to as the "Fragile Five" are quite dependent on foreign financing because they all run rather large current account balances. If foreign capital pulls back in the wake of the end of QE, then these countries will face some balance of payment crises.

In the graphic above we get a more nuanced look at this problem as the countries foreign reserves are put side by side with each countries GEFR (gross external financing requirment) which is a fancy way of saying thier short-term external debt plus their current account deficit.

From this new measure we see that Turkey seems to be in particular trouble, while Brazil's situation seems more manageble. In addition to the "Fragile Five" countries such as Chile and Hungary may also be included as those that could face funding pressures.