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This 1000W LED Strip and Drone Combo Essentially Created an Artificial Sun at Night

Utah-based filmmaker Daniel Riley caught the attention of netizens back in November 2015 when he developed “

“—a 1000W LED strip that gave off a ridiculous 90,000 lumens of light. This time, the video buff is taking his invention to an even higher level, literally.

In his latest video, Riley attaches the glowing panel onto a Freefly Alta octocopter and maneuvers the powerful contraption through the night sky. The drone projects blinding light onto a covey of trees for a captivating scene and even makes its way across a bridge—creating a plethora of sinister yet stunning shadows as it zips from one end to the other. Suffices it to say, the results are pretty breathtaking.

See the whole thing in action above and then get a behind-the-scenes look by watching the video below.