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Cop's Love Ford

When you see cop movies, TV series or cops in real life the first car that comes to mind is Ford Motors Co (NYSE: F) Crown Victoria. These cars were cops favorite because they have a roomy interior, good leg room, perfect handling and a big trunk to hid bodies, Okay the last one I just made up. Ford has stopped production of the Crown Victoria since 2011 due to decreasing number of sales. I remember when I was in high school seniors, my friend had a Crown Victoria and we would put on sun glasses pretending to be undercover cops, some freshman kids would come to us if they would be having bullying issues after school. We would pretend to play along until they found out we were messing with them and walked away, ah the good times. Back to Ford after the discontinuation of Crown Victoria the U.S. police force has been looking for replacement. They have tried cars from domestic competition General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) and foreign competition Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM). No car could replace the Crown Victoria until now, officers have fallen in love with Ford's Explorer as their new car. I guess Ford knows what our officers like, that's why they keep running back to them.