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H&R Block posts 1Q loss of $124 million as Americans decide that a TurboTax® program is more appealing than sitting face to face with their seasonal employees

H&R Block Inc. on Tuesday reported weaker-than-expected results for its latest quarter as the tax-service provider said it had fewer customers in the U.S. and suffered from currency woes.

Shares of H&R Block, down 30% this year, fell 5.6% to $22.85 in after-hours trading. The company noted that, because of the seasonal nature of its business, its fiscal first quarter is not indicative of full-year results.

“The fiscal first quarter typically represents less than 5% of annual revenues and less than 15% of annual expenses,” the company said in a statement.

You either have taxes that are complicated and you need a real accountant, or they are easy and you can do them online or even by hand.

Hi there, welcome to H&R. Do you have your last year’s returns with you? You do? Well here *typity typity typity* Here’s this years for you.

That’ll be $365.00 please.

Now be sure to save that paperwork so we can use it next year.