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Results Swiss chaos: Alpari UK declares insolvency, and FXCM ask for help...

Damaged several brokerage firms to foreign currencies on Thursday of the Swiss National Bank's decision (SNB), which included the Bank has installed the euro exchange rate with the Swiss franc, which contributed to the chaos in the financial markets.

Swiss franc rose 40 percent against the euro after the sudden decision on Thursday, sparking big losses for the brokerage firms.

The cause of the Swiss National Bank's decision chaos in the financial markets, and incurred losses of millions of brokerage firms led to the insolvency of some companies.

British Alpari first to declare insolvency!

Announced a brokerage firm Alpari (Alpari) today announced its entry into the British in the case of financial indigestion after the Swiss decision.

A statement Alpari company "has resulted in the latest move in the Swiss franc caused by the Swiss National Bank sudden retreat from the capping of the Swiss franc against the euro to the policy of extraordinary volatility and a sharp decrease in liquidity."

He said the company's statement: "This has led to most of the customers keep losses exceeded Khosabathm., Where the work can not cover these losses, is passed to us. The Alpari Ltd. was forced today 01/16/2015, emphasizing that it has entered into insolvency."

How incurred FXCM US company from losses?

Announced FXCM Inc. (FXCM) America's largest brokerage firms on Thursday for the accumulation of the company's customers for losses amounting to $ 225 million after "unprecedented volatility," according to the company's trading in the Swiss franc.

Reports have a large body of economic news agency Bloomberg on Friday, stating that the company has entered into talks with the bank Jefferies to cover the company's losses at $ 200 million.

It is likely that the investment bank Jefferies can maintain the largest broker of US foreign currencies which was damaged disorders financial markets on Thursday.

The company had warned on Thursday about the debt incurred, where she said "the company may have violated some of the regulatory capital requirements."

Arrest FXCM bankruptcy shares ...

Among the effects of long-largest broker globally arrest of the company's shares in New York Brosh after losing about 90% of its value.

In the event that the company's ability to cover its losses, it will announce its entry into the financial insolvency and Grooming for bankruptcy to be such a big shock to the markets.

Winners of chaos markets!

Announced a brokerage firm Jane Capital (Gain Capital) US said Friday it has made profits from customers trading in the Swiss franc during the chaos that hit the market on Thursday.

The company said it raised its margin requirements, or the funds needed by the customer must possess to support their positions in the case of the great volatility, trading a pair euro The Swiss franc, and reached 5% leverage ratio, in the September 26 / September 2014.

What happens on Thursday, the Swiss franc against the euro?

EUR fell against the Swiss franc by 3300 points in reaction to a preliminary decision on the Swiss sudden, representing 28% in a period of time not exceeding one hour.

The euro against the Swiss franc, the level of 0.8657 francs per euro, then bounced to 1.026 levels.

Today, the euro is trading against the Swiss franc around 0.9824 francs per euro levels amounted to a decline of 0.88% from the opening levels at 0.9739 francs per euro.

Swiss stock market suffered very heavy losses on Thursday, recording the worst daily performance since 1987, where he lost $ 114 billion, or 8.7%.

Swiss stock continued to fall, to lose 501 points on Friday, representing 5.96%, directly such as the impact of the sudden decision.