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​Are you fed up with S&P?

Since November I had no public vision of the S&P. I have to admit that my old forecast did not come true. I expected the gauge to reach 2,140 and correct. But the gauge failed to overcome piteous 150-200 points in three months. No touching, no deal. No one suffered, did they? We only have to learn a lesson that in such situations we should prefer futures with long-term goals instead of options, for example.

What do we have to do right now? It is obvious that the guy is plotting something. God forbid that you open short positions near the resistance level. Wait until the gauge breaks out of a rising trend of January 2012. This trend is approaching 2,000.

I say, only this deal will be safe given current conditions. I would not ignore long positions if the 2,000 support level stays intact.