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InfraREIT director just picked up 924 shares

W Kirk Baker, a director of InfraREIT, recently acquired 924 shares of the company. The buys took place at $16.23 per share, on April 01, 2016. Baker now owns 41,241 shares of the company. Baker operates out of Dallas, TX. Some additional info was provided as follows:

Represents common stock issued under the InfraREIT, Inc. 2015 Equity Incentive Plan to non-employee directors who elected to receive shares of common stock in lieu of director cash compensation fees. Represents the volume-weighted price of InfraREIT, Inc. shares of common stock on the New York Stock Exchange during the fifteen (15) consecutive trading days prior to April 1. In the aggregate, Mr. Baker beneficially owns 303,102 shares of common stock, consisting of the 38,241 shares of common stock shown in Table I, the 256,615 shares underlying the common units shown in Table II and the 8,246 shares underlying the LTIP Units shown in Table II, but does not include the 3,000 shares...